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Stick to your position, serve you wholeheartedly, three energy tailgates escort your loading and unl

Data: 2019-07-23
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The hot summer has already arrived. As a technician of the three-energy tailgate, he still sticks to the front line of work and does not slack off. Although the work intensity is great, in the days of sweating, we have already honed our willingness to work hard. The weather is not our roadblock. Time is not a signal that limits our actions. Whether it is wind and rain, or the hot sun, we are always Stick to your position and be ready!

Stick to your position, serve you wholeheartedly, three energy tailgates escort your loading and unl

In the process of installing or repairing the tailgate in the tailgate, Sanneng personnel have a clear division of labor, concerted efforts, and cooperation, quality, efficiency, and service to ensure the installation or maintenance is completed at the fastest speed. When handing over to the customer, we will arrange for the professional to demonstrate the operation to the customer in the first time, and guide the customer how to operate the control box correctly and the precautions and maintenance methods. The maintenance colleague will also inform the customer of the problem after completing the repair work and propose suggestions or treatments to avoid similar problems. In the face of customer's questions, our professionals will answer them one by one until the customer is satisfied.

Stick to your position, serve you wholeheartedly, three energy tailgates escort your loading and unl

Sanneng tailboard personnel always adhere to the 'No matter where you are, we are with you!' as the service principle, speak with practical actions, offer our customers the most sincere service, hope that our service will bring you A peace of mind, a convenience, escort your cargo handling operations!

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